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Bylaws of the Rancho Bernardo Newcomers Social Club

These bylaws were adopted at the Annual Meeting on January 15, 2017


1.         Purpose: The purpose of the Club shall be to provide an opportunity for residents of Ranch Bernardo and surrounding communities to become acquainted with the community, its activities and each other.


2.         Membership Eligibility: Open to all households in Rancho Bernardo and surrounding areas. All adults in a household may be registered as part of that household with one designated as the Member. Members who discontinue membership may rejoin at any time upon payment of current dues. The Board reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership when a member’s conduct is not beneficial to the Club. Such action shall be by a majority vote of the entire Board.


3.         Fiscal Year: The Club’s fiscal year shall end on December 31.


4.         Annual Dues: Dues shall be levied per household and shall be reviewed by the directors in October of each year. Any proposal to change the annual dues must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the directors present. The membership shall be notified in the November Newsletter of the dues for the upcoming fiscal year.

Dues are payable upon publication in November and are due on December 31. Members who do not pay their dues by December 31 will no longer receive Club newsletters or other Club communications, their names will be removed from the annual telephone directory and they shall not be eligible to participate in the Club’s activities except as a guest of a member.


5.         Officers: The officers shall be



Vice President Membership

Vice President Publications

Vice President Databases




A.  President: Shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board and shall appoint the Chairpersons of all standing committees and activity groups.

B.   President-Elect: Shall manage the Club’s program of social events and activities sub-groups and preside at meetings in the absence of the President. The President-Elect may form and chair a Programs Committee to develop and carry out programs.

C.  VP Membership: Shall develop and carry out activities to increase membership in the Club. The Vice President may form and chair a Membership Committee to develop and carry out membership activities.

D.  VP Publications: Shall manage the design, creation of content, proofing and publishing of the Club’s publications whether in print or electronic. The Vice President may form a Publications Committee or recruit other Club members to assist in this process.

E.   VP Databases: Shall collect and maintain the membership roll to support voting, publications, programs, activity groups and the member directory. The Vice President may recruit other Club members to assist in this process.

F.   Secretary: Shall keep complete minutes of all Club and Board meetings, read them when requested by the President and shall write letters and issue such written notices as may be deemed necessary by the Board.

G.  Treasurer: Shall receive all membership applications, dues and other revenues, disburse funds upon presentation of proper documentation, keep proper financial records, account for all receipts and disbursements and make proper financial reports at such times as designated by the President. The Treasurer shall forward information from membership applications to the other officers as agreed by the Board. The Treasurer, in consultation with other officers, shall prepare an annual budget for approval prior to the beginning of each fiscal year.


The officers listed above shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Club.


6.         Nominating Committee: Shall consist of the President, President-Elect and three past Presidents appointed by the President shall meet in the fourth quarter of each calendar year for the purpose of drawing up a slate of officers for the Club’s next fiscal year. This slate shall be presented for election at the annual meeting. Election shall be by a voice vote of those members present and a majority shall elect. If the voice vote is not conclusive, a count of hands shall be made. New officers start their terms on the first day of February.

In the event the President is unable to complete his term of office, the vacancy shall be filled by the President-Elect. The Board, at its discretion, shall then appoint a new President-Elect.


7.         Meetings: The Club shall have one annual meeting in January and any other meetings deemed necessary by the Board. The Board shall meet at times and places specified by the President. Activities Chairpersons may be invited to attend Board meetings whenever the Board so decides.


8.         Indemnification: The Club shall maintain a policy of insurance for the benefit of its members acting within the scope of their membership or office in the Club.


9.         Bylaws: Any article or section of these Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote at the annual meeting by voice vote, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given to the entire current membership.